The competition of ideas is aimed at qualifying and improving in a functional sense and effective reception in safety the open spaces at the service of the Student Homes and university canteens of Chieti and Pescara, owned and managed by ADSU, the Company for Right to Education of the Abruzzo Region. In the first case, in Pescara, the
competition theme is an ordinary space, close to an important university service facility; in the second case, in Chieti, the competition theme concerns the open spaces around what remains of one of the recognized
icons of Italian architecture of the second half of the 20th century, linked to an important page in the history of Italian architecture, and to story of its authors, Giorgio Grassi and Antonio Monestiroli – within the University Campus of the University of Annunzio in Chieti.

In both cases, the theme is to reinvent and attribute new functions to these open spaces, enhancing the functions they perform and could perform for
the benefit of the student users to whom they are dedicated, but also verifying their potential role as public spaces of interest. common, within a possible strategy of reintegration between university service structures of which they are part, and the urban neighborhoods with which they are in direct contact.