One month left! …and other news

Dear students,💥Today there is a month left to submission!! 💥

We inform you that the layouts are available attached and on the web page ( here! ) to organize the documents required. You will find an InDesign folder, some jpg and a pdf. We ask you to intervene directly by inserting your elaborations. You can write both in Italian or English. By opening the pdf and InDesign documents you will notice that there are already some maps and images, we have included them as an example: replace them with your original elaborations and choose the best way/ to do it! For any doubts contact us at this e-mail!

We hope that the seminar on Thursday 10th was of interest to you, we are loading the materials shared by the speakers on the web page. The recording, on the other hand, can be found on youtube at the link:

The second meeting will be held on Friday 1 April, from 15.00 to 18.00 (CET), at the Adsu offices of Chieti, in Viale della Unità D’Italia, 32/A or online at the link:

The theme of the meeting will be:


Urban planning events, architectural projects, current conditions and development prospects

The seminar will explore the theme of the university residence in Chieti, designed by the well-known Italian architect Giorgio Grassi, according to the following program:

Isabella Gualtieri, Teresa Mazzarulli, ADSU Chieti and Pescara;

Lorenzo Pignatti, Director of DdA, UdA;

Manuela Alessi, BISP, Biennale Italiana dello Spazio Pubblico;

Loreta Capeli, Polytechnic of  Tirana;

Freddy Diaz, Universidad La Salle, Bogotà;

Riccardo Porreca, Universidad Tecnologica Equinoccial, Quito;

Gianfranco Conti, architect, Associazione CED Terra Casalincontrada

Tommaso Di Biase, architect;

Mariolino Penitente, architect;

Marcello Villani, DdA Uda,

Pepe Barbieri, former DdA Uda teacher, and responsible for several projects carried out in the University Campus of Chieti.

During the seminar, the first results of the participation activities carried out in support of the competition will also be presented, including the survey The House I would like, conducted among university students of the Pescara Campus, curated by Ludovica Simionato and Ludovica Chiavaroli.

We remind you to follow the updates on the official website: 

The deadline for submission is set for April 25th, and will take place electronically, through the web page: . Soon another e-mail will reach you with all the information

If you want to invite some other friends to enjoy the competition, ask them to fill the form! 

We look forward to seeing you on Friday!



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