Competition ended on 25 april 2022

Take part in the press conference and the inauguration of the exhibition of the projects that competed in INSIDE / OUTSIDE!

Wednesday 1 June, 6 pm-8pm
University canteen “G. d’Annunzio”, Chieti (Via Pescara)

The Public University’s hospitalities and meeting spaces, after COVID 19

International competition of ideas for students of architecture, engineering and design for the regeneration and re-functionalization of open spaces serving the canteens and university residences of ADSU in Chieti and Pescara


  • first prize of 1000 euros for the best projects relating to study area 1 – the universitary residence “B. Croce” of Pescara, and in the study area 2 – universitary canteen of Chieti
  • second prize of 500 euros for the projects runner-up in the two sections of competition

The winning groups of the competition will be able to take advantage of a free period of one week at the ADSU University Residences of Chieti and Pescara


Competition presentation conference
19th January 2022

Competition registration opens
15 December 2021

from 30 November to 15 December 2021

Deadline 25 April 2022

Appointment of the international jury
25 April 2022

Results submission date
15 May 2022

Implementation of the first interventions
June/December 2022



COMUNICATO STAMPA 31 maggio 2022 Con la Conferenza stampa e l’inaugurazione della Mostra dei progetti  di mercoledì 1 giugno, si conclude il concorso “INSIDE_OUTSIDE, Gli spazi dell’accoglienza e dell’incontro dell’Università pubblica, dopo COVID 19” , che ha visto la partecipazione di 7 gruppi di giovani studenti provenienti da quattro  scuole di architettura di Italia, Albania,…

III seminary_A STUDENT HOUSE IN CHIETI. Video available.

The seminar explores the theme of the university residence in Chieti, designed by the well-known Italian architect Giorgio Grassi. During the seminar, the first results of the participation activities carried out in support of the competition were also presented, including the survey The house I would like, conducted among university students of the Pescara Campus,…


Pending the third seminar we publish a graphic that summarizes the opinions collected in the classroom on the area of ​​the canteen of Pescara. Curated by Ludovica Simionato.


The first seminar of the inside / outside competition took place in the House for Students of Pescara on Thursday 10 March. Enjoy the video! NEXT SEMINARY!

One month left! …and other news

Dear students,Today there is a month left to submission!!  We inform you that the layouts are available attached and on the web page ( here! ) to organize the documents required. You will find an InDesign folder, some jpg and a pdf. We ask you to intervene directly by inserting your elaborations. You can write both in Italian or…


The layouts for the competition papers are now avaible, attached and on the web page to organize the documents required. You will find an InDesign folder, some jpg and a pdf. At the time of registration it will be given a personal code, one to project, to be inserted on each table in the other…


Recent experiences of temporary andephemeral projects for the reactivation ofpublic spaces in post-COVID 19 cities.Esperienze recenti di progetti temporaneied effimeri di riattivazione di spazi pubblicinelle città del post COVID 19.

Launch WEB CONFERENCE, Wednesday, 19th January 2022

INSIDE/OUTSIDE. The hospitality and conviviality spaces, at the University, after COVID 19/Gli spazi dell’accoglienza e dell’incontro, all’Università,dopo COVID 19.International competition of ideas for students of architecture, engineering and design for the regeneration and re-functionalization of open spaces at the service of the canteens and university residences of Pescara and Chieti. WEB CONFERENCE, Wednesday, 19th January…


Programma dei seminari di accompagno e di disseminazione dei temi di concorso I seminary: 10 March_TACTICAL EXPERIENCESRecent projects and experiences of Tactical urbanism in public space.Progetti ed esperienze recenti di Tactical urbanism nello spazio pubblico.II seminary: 1st April_A STUDENT HOUSE IN CHIETIThe case study of the University Campus of Chieti. The urban and architectural story,…


The Company for the Right to University Studies of Chieti and Pescara, established by regional law n.91 of 6 December 1994, organizes and prepares the services that make the right to study effective, in compliance with state legislation, of the three-year plan regional and in harmony with the niversity “G.D ‘Annunzio” of Chieti.
The necessary resources are ensured by the operating contribution of the Abruzzo Region, by the regional tax on the D.S.U. of € 140, paid by students enrolling at the university (disabled students with a degree of disability equal to or greater than 66% are exempt), from the tax for professional qualification, from the ministerial supplementary fund and from their own income deriving from the pricing of services. For the functioning of the Body, the Abruzzo Region annually assigns contributions, which allow for the provision of services aimed at the generality of students, but insufficient to cover all the costs deriving from interventions on individual demand. The company, which has its registered office in Chieti in Viale dell’Unità d’Italia, 32 / a and the operational headquarters in Pescara in Viale Marconi 189, has legal personality under public law and administrative and managerial autonomy.
The University Canteens are located in Chieti in Via Pescara-University Campus and in Pescara in Viale Marconi 191. The University Residence is located in Pescara in Via Benedetto Croce 130 – Pescara.

The Department carries out teaching, research and third mission activities in the field of architectural
planning, design, drawing, estimation, restoration, history and technology of architecture and urban planning.
The training activity is carried out through the five-year single-cycle European Master’s Degree courses in Architecture and the Bachelor’s Degree in Design. The DdA develops research of national and European interest by configuring itself as a consultancy structure for public bodies and companies operating in the area. It also carries out an intense third mission activity, interacting directly with the company and its reference territory, and the international context, both through actions for the economic enhancement of knowledge and more generally through cultural, social and dissemination activities and events. of science. In particular, it carries out public engagement activities, non-profit and with an educational, cultural and developmental value of the company. The DdA has to its credit numerous international agreements with foreign universities, with which it entertains common research and teaching activities.

Identidad. Universidad católica y lasallista, fundada, orientada y dirigida por los Hermanos de las Escuelas Cristianas; a partir de un proyecto formativo ofrece programas académicos de educación superior, realiza investigación con pertinencia e impacto social, y se proyecta socialmente con el objetivo de promover la dignidad y el desarrollo integral de la persona, la transformación de la sociedad, el fomento de la cultura y la búsqueda del sentido de la verdad.
Misión. La misión de la Universidad de La Salle es educar de manera integral y generar conocimiento que aporte a la transformación social y productiva del país. Por esta razón participa activamente en la construcción de una sociedad justa y en paz mediante la formación de profesionales que por su conocimiento, sus valores, su capacidad de trabajo colegiado, su sensibilidad social y su sentido de pertenencia contribuyen a la búsqueda de la equidad, de la defensa de la vida y del desarrollo humano integral y sustentable.
Visión. La Universidad se distinguirá por:
La formación de profesionales con sensibilidad y responsabilidad social.
El aporte al desarrollo humano integral y sustentable.
El compromiso con la democratización del conocimiento.
La generación de conocimiento que transforma las estructuras de la sociedad

Polytechnic University of Tirana is a public academic institution and the only Polytechnic University in Albania. It has been founded in 1951 under the name of Higher Polytechnic Institute. It is located in Tirana, the capital of Albania. PUT nowadays provides study programmes in the three study cycles and it is composed of 7 Faculties and 1 Institute. Polytechnic University of Tirana, in all main units and base units (departments), has records of partnership agreements with foreign higher education institutions through participation in scientific research projects with foreign universities. It aims the expansion of cooperation and improvement of scientific research results quality. We have received financial support from several EU Grants like: Horizon 2020, EC COST / COST NESUS, Erasmus Mundus (Euroweb+), Erasmus FETCH, and KA1 Erasmus + Programme with many European countries.
Polytechnic University of Tirana has national collaboration agreements with many partners such as institutions or faculties according to the respective agreements on study programmes and scientific research for their improvement and adaptation with the needs of the labour market in Albania. Being part of many international projects, Polytechnic University of Tirana itself has a series of agreements with international counterpart institutions in accordance with the national and international format.

FAU’s work focuses on the development of critical thinking about the city and its material, immaterial and relational components, from planning to landscape design, from the design of new architectural and urban scenarios, to the complex system of memory and related urban identity to heritage and its restoration.
The pedagogical model in the fields of architecture, urban planning and landscape places man and the environment at the center of theoretical reflection and its application in the profession of the architect, and proposes scenarios and spaces for reflection on spatial and technical issues. and social from the point of view of the academy understood as a community, in which students and teachers work horizontally so that new ideas respond to local and international challenges, and become the paradigms of the city of tomorrow.
Every year the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning organizes the “Winareq” International Equinoctial Architecture Workshop event in which international architects and academics participate who for a week work together with the students of the faculty in intensive projects, which are able to give new perspectives to the holistic training of our students.
The FAU has also actively contributed to the scientific dissemination process of the UTE which has positioned itself as the best Ecuadorian university for scientific production, obtaining 5 stars in QS Ranking Online Learning, 1st Research Times Higher Education Ranking (Ecuador) and 1st Scimago Institution Ranking of Ecuador.

“The Public Space Biennial is a biennial appointment for the comparison and dissemination of research activities and actions carried out on the themes of urban public spaces, structure and heart of our cities, of which they express the values of civilization, inclusion and participation.”
“La Biennale aimed to reaffirm its open and inclusive nature by giving voice to local administrations
and city makers, universities, associations, committees, professionals, experts from various disciplines and in general to all those who work concretely to improve quality, renew and to deepen the themes connected to public spaces understood as common goods. Consistent with its nature as a public space, the Biennale has always guaranteed free and open access to its activities. The result of the invitations to participate was a full calendar of initiatives, conferences, seminars and workshops that can be viewed in the Archive section of this site, which documents the initiatives carried out on the occasion of previous editions. During the 2013 edition, the Charter was drafted and approved of the public space that “wants to be the document of all those who believe in the city and in its extraordinary capacity for hospitality, solidarity, conviviality and sharing; in its inimitable virtue in promoting sociality, encounter, coexistence, freedom and democracy; and in its vocation to
express and realize these values through the public space “. (Source:
The Social Promotion Association called “Biennial Public Space Association – APS” is established pursuant to Article 35 of Legislative Decree No. 117/2017.